The Lycée Français de San Francisco was founded in 1967 by a group of parents – Claude Reboul, Claude Lambert and Henri Monjauze – who branched away from the French American International School to create an immersion school based on the French Ministry of Education’s curriculum.

In 1967, twenty elementary students kicked off the school in a one-room school house at the Russian Orthodox Church on Geary Boulevard.  The first Head of School, Yves Rousseau, joined a year later and by 1977 the Lycée Français de San Francisco had the honor to give high school diplomas to their first set of graduates. After a stint at Fort Mason, the school moved its lower- and upper-grade levels in 1983 to Balboa Street.  There, the school eventually grew to two separate buildings a few blocks away from each other.   In 1986, the Marin County French School in Sausalito merged with LFSF, adding a Marin County campus for students in preschool through Grade 5.  The Marin Campus later changed location to Corte Madera until it moved back to its current Sausalito location in 2013.

 Throughout the years, each move signified the accommodation of a growing student population. In 1996, the Lycee landed its current elementary school spot in the historic St. Agnes School building owned by the Archdiocese.  At first, 755 Ashbury Street combined primary and secondary students.  Now, the Ashbury Campus is currently home to over 400 students from pre-school through 5th grade.

In 2006, the Lycée Français La Pérouse found the opportunity to acquire the Conservatory of Music, another beautiful historical building on Ortega and 19th Avenue. In 2007, the secondary school moved into their new home, the Ortega Campus, providing education to 366 students from 6th to 12th grade.

 In September 2012, the Lycée Français La Pérouse became Lycée Français de San Francisco. 

Although Lycee’s founders, Claude Reboul and Henri Monjauze have both passed on, the core mission of the Lycee still remains. We offer the children of multi-culturally minded, Bay Area families a rigorous curriculum focused on French language immersion and academic excellence.

Based on the French National System, the pre-K through 1st grade programs exceed all requirements set by both France and the United States, and provides full preparation for both European and North American Colleges & Universities.

 Lycée Français de San Francisco is an academic institution accredited by the State of California and the French Ministry of Education. It belongs to a network of 495 French schools worldwide and receives financial support from the French Government. The Lycée offers a preschool through 12th grade education to French, American and students of other nationalities.

It was founded by parents who care. Just like all of us!