Fund for the Future

The LFSF vision is to “Empower future generations to make meaningful contributions to our world through a multilingual and multicultural education.”

Organized physical activities and sports are central to this education.  They aid in developing gross motor skills, movement, and expression.  They contribute to health education by teaching students to better understand their bodies and educate them on safety.  Beyond the physical, the activities teach responsibility and autonomy by having children put into practice their moral and social values such as the need for rules, respect for self and respect for others.


The LFSF seeks to enhance the Sports Enrichment Program by offering both introductory classes and courses followed over several years.   This combination will contribute to the development of physical activity; adaptation to different environments; cooperative, oppositional and collective play; as well as artistic, aesthetic, and expressive discovery.

This is what the LFSF aspires to for the children:

Nautical Activities such as kayaking, rowing and sailing, Rock Climbing, Kite Flying, Roller Skating, Dance, Racket Sports, Biking, Judo, Mindfulness, Swimming, Acro-Sport Circus, and Tchoukball. On Sausalito a particular focus will be the enhancement of the Nautical and existing programs.  On Ashbury, resurfacing and creating traced courts for various sports and games on the lower playground will support both organized activities and sports as well as free play.  On Ortega, the Sports teachers are looking into the feasibility and cost of projects that will be announced soon (one option currently being explored is a climbing wall).